Using Twitter with Bloom’s Taxonomy

This is a great article that shows how you can use Twitter with Bloom’s Taxonomy. I found this resource through the EDC1300 daily updates. This is a great resource for the classroom and gives teachers fantastic ways of integrating ICT’s into a classroom. The ideas presented in this article suggest that Twitter could be used for deeper understanding of content providing students were given the opportunity to evaluate, analyse and create. The use of Twitter as a classroom tool would allow for greater engagement by students and would also accommodate the diverse learning needs of individual students. Students could communicate with each other, provide constructive criticism and engage in deep discussion and debate o0ver topics. Students could engage in classroom activities from h0me, from school or from their mobile phones. I believe that by incorporating Twitter into the classroom, particularly for middle to upper primary and secondary students, the classroom discussion and engagement would be much higher, and it is evident that with teacher planning, Bloom’s could be used with Twitter to allow for a deeper understanding of the desired learning outcomes.


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